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What is Salt&Pepper?


Homewares are the building blocks of a beautiful home and with the impeccable brand “Salt&Pepper”, you can accessorize your home with everyday elegance to suit every occasion. Since its launch in 1995, Salt&Pepper has been synonymous for developing contemporary home accessories, consistently focusing on different design trends.

Fashion trends were not really showing through in the market, even though this can be very inspirational. That’s why Salt&Pepper unites the fashion trends into one home- and tableware brand and became an international brand in 2001 with logistics hubs in Australia and Europe.

Inspired by fashion and design trends from around the world, Salt&Pepper believes in creating accessories for your home that allow you to express your personality in the same way fashion accessories complement a total outfit. The end result is to create your own individual style with the ability to adapt and change with every mood or occasion.

Starting in 1995, the core of the brand is located in Australia. However since two years, the international brand is also strongly focusing on the needs of the European market, which can differ from the Australian market. Salt&Pepper’s design team draws its inspiration from architecture, cities, movies, pop culture, the latest fashion trends, and yes, even from the catwalk!

In order to allow the fashion-conscious people to express themselves, Salt&Pepper must maintain a wide range of collections containing something for everyone.


Salt&Pepper Europe 


Herentalseweg 66
2440 Geel
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Salt&Pepper Europe – Southern Europe, Middle East, Russia, North Africa


Daskalaki 7
11526 Ampelokipi
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Salt&Pepper Asia Pacific, South Africa, Central South America, Canada & USA


1-9 Moreland Rd, East Coburg
Victoria 3058
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